About Us

Dedicated to environmentally conscious hunting activities, sustainable conservation and empowerment of local communities, Tootabi, meaning “place of sweet honey,” was founded in 2013 with a single hunting area in the Eastern Cape province.

Built on privately owned family land that dates back four generations, Tootabi’s mission is to share a unique part of the world, while maintaining a high sense of conservation through sustainable utilisation.

Tootabi is the pinnacle of hunting operations in Southern Africa, covering over 1 000 000 acres of prime natural free-range terrain over five countries. This landscape offers magnificent encounters with roaming wildlife including the coveted ‘Big 5’ and is one of the fastest growing safari operations on the ‘Dark Continent’.

Today, Tootabi is entrusted with in excess of a million acres of pristine land in Africa and the outfit is responsible for a range of projects within our communities in countries such as Cameroon, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Namibia. Within these incredible landscapes, we have some of the top hunting destinations in Africa.

Tootabi operates six lodges and camps combined, each truly unique in its own right, in three South African provinces, and five countries in Africa.

If you are looking for hunting packages in South Africa – specifically affordable hunting safaris, or perhaps your interest leans towards luxury hunting safaris – we are the outfit to contact!

Speak to us today so that we can advise you on how to choose a hunting safari, and what to expect on a hunting safari.