Tootabi Hunting Safaris 


We love rolling up our sleeves and helping our loved communities

The Tootabi Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Tootabi Hunting Safaris. The Foundation funds educational, community and environmental projects in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. The Tootabi Foundation seeks to help fulfill the promise of the Eastern Cape communities through investment in sustainable projects in education, environment and community which improve people’s lives and preserve our natural surroundings. If you would like to become more involved or contribute then please email Donate NOW.

In the last couple of seasons many guests assisted us in honouring our commitment by bringing along SCI Bue – Bags filled with all kinds of merchandise and necessities with many other surprises. Other very significant gifts were items such as Bibles and educational environmental Christian based items.

Funding through guests initiatives were greatly appreciated and the lives of every child in our care centres and that of the children on the reserves we hunt on were overwhelmly accepted.

Become part of this great initiative by emailing us and leave your track in the heart of a foundations todler.