Lodges and Regions


Bubye Valley Conservancy (1.2 million acres of prime managed wildlife habitat). Today the 850 000-acre territory is a hunting ground like no other, and one that would have been familiar to the great Frederick Courteney Selous, who trotted these bush trails centuries before. Owned by a consortium of keen conservationists, the conservancy now offers low-density, high-value hunting concessions, where the annual off take of mature animals is carefully regulated and managed to ensure sustainable use. The professional outfitters are required to operate under strictly ethical practices, and most offer their clients an authentic hunting experience in the manner of the great safari hunters immortalized in the literature of the last century.

Sentinel part of the Trans Frontier Mapungubwe National Park, magnificent herds of elephant roam unmolested between Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Also, famous fossil sites, and virtuous densities of Leopard and Nyala.

Matesti, near Victoria Falls (government concession on the border of the Famous Hwange Park).

Communal/Tribal Land (area controlled by the community from the Zambezi Valley in the North to Beitbridge in the South).

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