Photographic Tours

When planning your safari to South Africa, it often happens that family and friends wants to join in the adventures and travel along to this beautiful country. Hunters are not just fanatical about stalking animals but also enjoy seeing the country side, learning about cultures and experiencing some of the local vibes and traditions.

The luxury tours we offer are carefully selected and created with the hunter’s family in mind. It is further created to offer all members of the family equal enjoyment and exposure to our beautiful country, its activities and sightings. Our guests will be guaranteed of our very best in personalized service from start to finish.

We pride ourselves on the flexibility of these tours providing you with the guarantee to the start of a dream trip.

Options of day trip activities surrounding our hunting areas, or multiple adventures down the Garden Route to Cape Town and back. During these excursions and trips a guest would be showed the beautiful scenery, rich cultures, spectacular wildlife and adventure activities this area has to offer.

Our reservations team would carefully plan and book all your tours, excursions and day – trips surrounding our hunting areas so that you as guest get maximum out of every day spending as little time as possible in the seat of a vehicle and as much time as possible outdoors.

All day trips and tours can be arranged after a hunt is booked and confirmed. Please contact our Reservations Office for further information and trinkets.